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LOGBOOK entry no. 1

I’m going to start keeping these posts as ways of documenting what I like and keeps me on track to creating the kind of work that I feel like I need to make somehow. I guess this whole thing is a way to figure out how to make my best work and be a responsible adult, husband, friend, person.

I’ve been listening to the 4 hour work week audio book and the author challenges his students to try to get a number or email of somebody high up in any given company. Like how hard is it really to reach the so called elite. The point is supposed to be that it’s not super hard and you're more powerful than you think. Ha. can you sense my apathy. I took it as a challenge. I hit up artists or whoever I considered a hero just to hopefully find some kind of camaraderie at best and at worst an excersise in trying, actually picking up the phone and accomplishing a seemingly hard task. Of course it fucking worked. I hit up Thomas Campbell and tagged him in my insagram story “test effort for this blog post (whoa inception)” and sure as shit he hits me back up and says go for your dream man, follow your heart and Thomas Fucking Campbell says best of luck james. Thats all the confirmation I could ask for.

This guy lives in the middle of a bunch of redwoods, has a quarter pipe. He’s a legend in the skate/surf/film worlds and this shows his spirit and why he has that kind of respect.

Enough Said watch this video of his and be inspired too.

P.S. I’m gonna write these posts as religiously as I can to try to create a habit.

P.P.S I’m also gonna let them be free and weird and go wherever they need to go, so if you guys can get down with that read on.

Kyla Donner