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2017 READING LIST: Do What You Love, Brings You Joy, Makes You Well

via pinterest. (click photo for source)

via pinterest. (click photo for source)

A new year always brings perspective and reflection that seems to get lost in our busy-ness, day after day and month after month. When that New Years Eve countdown approaches we all snap back to that heart intention we set at the start of the year and begin to process what actually came of those 12 months we lived. 

In my time of reflection over all that 2016 brought, I found that I was really pleased with all the opportunities that I got professionally, the travel to beautiful places, meeting so many encouraging people, and being challenged in my work like never before. But when it came time to look at my personal life, I realized that in had given up so many of the things that I love, things that fill up my metaphorical tank, for the sake of growing my business, or fulfilling another need for a client. 

While there will be seasons where our work will be demanding and require a lot of our time, talent and energy, it should never come at the expense of our wellness and our relationships. I realized that if I want to do the job I love for a really LONGGGGG time, I need to take care of myself in order to give my work the best of me. So I started thinking about the things that give me life, that bring me wellness and joy. Instantly READING came to mind. 

I have been a reader since I was a kid. I love being transported by a book, being taught things, and having my perspective shifted by someone's words. Last year, I don't know if I even read more than a couple books. If that. Probably didn't finish them either. All because it felt wrong to "waste" an hour in my morning, when my to-do list or inbox screamed, needing my attention. But this year is different. I have made a list of books I plan to read this year, reading a little bit daily. Some books are business based, others spiritual, some just for fun, but none the less I am choosing to give myself time to just be, to soak in goodness and to give myself quiet. 

This is the list of books I plan on reading this year, I am more than half way through Present Over Perfect and it is changing my perceptive MASSIVELY! If you have workaholic tendencies, perfectionism in your bones, or like busy over stillness you NEED to read this. So refreshing and encouraging, with practical things that are actually helpful. I'll be sharing my thoughts as I read these books through out the year. 

If you have read any of these books or want to read along with me, please leave a comment below! I would love to know what you think of these books, if you find them helpful or not! I also want your book recommendations! Tell me everything you love and I will add some of them in once I tackle this list! 

One last thing,  I would really love to know what it is that you can do for yourself this year that will keep your soul well, your mind clear, and produce a bunch of joy in your life. What are those things? Tell me all about them! I might just adopt some of them myself. 

With all the virtual hugs I can give,